A lifelong artist, Anne Neilson began painting with oils in 2003 and quickly became nationally renowned for her ethereal Angel Series. Neilson’s paintings are inspiring reflections of her faith.

In 2012, Neilson self-published her first of three coffee table books, Angels In Our Midst, selling over 30,000 copies. Following its success, Strokes of Compassion and Angels: The Collector’s Edition were released. The books follow her journey through the Angel Series, sharing inspirational and personal stories behind her paintings and the organizations she supports. Neilson also launched Anne Neilson Home–a growing collection of luxury home products including candles, notecards, scripture cards, prints, and journals. Her newest work is a much-anticipated devotional entitled Anne Neilson’s Angels that explores forty words, each accompanied by a new angel painting, a thoughtful definition, Scripture, prayers, and reflections from Anne’s life. 

A wife, a mother of four, and an artist, Neilson paints with both passion and purpose, giving back to those less fortunate through the sales of her products and original paintings. 

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A lifelong artist, Anne Neilson began painting with oils in 2003 and quickly became nationally renown for her ethereal Angel Series. A favorite among individuals and private art collectors, Neilson's paintings are inspiring reflections of her faith and recognized for their flair and use of color.

In response to demand for more access to her acclaimed Angel paintings, Neilson published two coffee table books and launched Anne Neilson Home in 2012. Her latest books, published through Thomas Nelson, include Anne Neilson’s Angels: Devotions and Art to Encourage, Refresh and Inspire, Entertaining Angels: True Stories and Art Inspired by Divine Encounters and the Brushstrokes Of Life: Discovering How God Brings Beauty and Purpose to Your Story.

As a wife, mother of four, artist, author, and philanthropist, Anne paints with passion and purpose, always giving back to others by  contributing to local, national, and international charitable organizations.


In 2014, Neilson opened Anne Neilson Fine Art (ANFA), a gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina, representing over 60 artists throughout the country. ANFA showcases masterpieces from the finest artists and shines a light on charitable organizations by donating a portion of art proceeds each month.

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Anne speaks across the United States at conferences, luncheons, small groups, and Bible studies sharing her heart for giving back through art and her story. Anne is also available for book signings.