Angels In Our Communities: Sue DiMatteo

We are thrilled to recognize Sue DiMatteo as this quarter’s Angel in our Angels in Our Communities series!Sue was nominated by her daughter, Molly, for many endearing reasons, one of which being the unconditional love, support, comfort, strength, and guidance she has shown her family and friends through all of life’s ups and downs.“Living her life by the Golden Rule…she’s the person who picks up the tab for a police officer’s or a fire fighter’s lunch. She’s the sweet and thoughtful person who pays for the tolls of the cars in line behind her. She’s the person who took care of neighborhood friends when they were sick and their parents still had to work. She’s who plans neighborhood and family get-togethers. The volunteer Mom at school events and in the community. She’s the person who instead of getting upset, always takes the high road and pulls out the positive in any situation. She is a friend to anyone she meets.”Today Sue is 

celebrating her 70th birthday with strength and grace in the face of many uncertainties with her health. We are raising her up in both prayer and celebration as she has done for so many others throughout her life. We received an incredible amount of nominations this month – all of whom are angels deserving of recognition for their selflessness and devotion to their friends, family, and community. Thank you so much to all who submitted nominations, and for sharing your stories and hearts with us.