Angels in Our Communities: Charles Odell

We are excited to recognize Charles Odell as the very first Angel honoree in our Angel in Our Communities series!For more than three decades Charles has been making a difference in his community through his time and leadership at Dilworth Center, which is a local non-profit providing alcoholism and drug addiction treatment programs for adults, young adults and adolescents in Charlotte, NC.Through his nomination we were reminded that our community is in the midst of battling an

addiction epidemic. Addiction is America’s most neglected disease yet it impacts 1 in 3 households in America. Nearly one million North Carolinians suffer from substance abuse; and, in 2017, the substance abuse death rate increased 30% from the year before in Mecklenburg County. We are grateful for angels like Charles who are committed to helping those affected by such a terrible disease daily. For more information on Charles and the mission of Dilworth Center, please visit here.