Slow Down

Everyone knows the tale of the tortoise and the hare. The hare flies through the race, but still ends up coming in second. The moral of the story is simple, "Slow and steady wins the race." We've repeated it since we were cutting construction paper in elementary school; however, slowing down, finding intentionality and breathing in peace is a little bit harder than reading an Aesop's fable. I always think of Thanksgiving and Christmas as the busy season, but when I realize that it's August, and somehow, summer has whipped past me in a blur of family time, trips, work, meetings, and college move-in, I have to wonder... is there a non-busy season? Truthfully, probably not. As I spin and whirl through my days, I realize that my sense of gravity is instilled by a God who never rushes, never hurries, and is never frantic. Nothing ever catches God off-guard. Nothing ever pops up or surprises Him. He is methodical, thorough, intentional and the very essence of peace. And if, as the Scripture promises, I am made in His likeness, it must be true that those qualities are inside of me, too. Check your posture right now. If you're like me, and in the middle of "the crazy," (which is probably including last minute back-to-school must-dos!) your shoulders are probably up high near your ears, your neck is stiff, and your fingers are probably full of tension, figuratively trying to hold on tightly to control of the situations around you. I encourage you to do this simple exercise:                                 Inhale. Say, "God, today, I want you,"                                 Exhale. "to take control, so I can relinquish my grip."                                 Drop your shoulders.                                 Relax your head.                                 Loosen your fingers.                                 Inhale. "Lord, thank you,"                                 Exhale. "For being the only thing I need to focus on." When we intentionally put God into the middle of our furiously whipping tornados of life, we have no choice but to slow down, meditate on Him, and breathe in His goodness. I hope you will try it today and find the stillness that is at the core of His heart.