Simplify and Trust

I am ever so grateful for the gift that God has given me, but as my businesses have grown, it seems that the passion to paint gets in the way of the busy details of running a business and managing employees. The daily details of payroll, maintaining excellent customer service, finding new artists and developing new products... it can be chaotic and messy from time to time.

It sometimes seems so complicated. Just the daily details of life can be so fraught and complex. Recently, I was reminded it was GOD who equipped me in the first place and set my feet on this path, and it will be GOD who will continue to guide me along the steep rocky steps as I navigate through this journey.

Just the other week, orders went out to all our wholesale accounts, and our fulfillment warehouse triple shipped their scripture card orders. As I got so frustrated and tried to figure out the best way to deal with issues (computer glitches, human glitches, mail glitches), I was reminded that I need to stop and rest in HIM.

He is a mystery to our human minds, but His commands to us throughout Scripture are so simple. It's our human nature that clutters them up. I challenge you today to evaluate the thoughts, emotions, and habits that you need to simplify in order to get back to the root of your trust in Him. Our lives our chaotic, but our Lord is calm.