Running Aground

I am a true Florida native. I LOVE the water and grew up boating on the St. John's River. My childhood was dotted with trips to the Keys and the Bahamas. There is something so healing about being on the water. Whether digging your toes in the sand or dipping in the refreshing, crystal water, there is a healing power in those bodies of water. For me, I feel like the Lord speaks His gentle whispers when I am near water. His gentle breezes speak loudly to my heart. On a sailing trip during one of my daughter's senior year, I talked with her and her friends about anchoring their faith, and how anchors don't weigh your faith down, but rather secure your heart so that you have the freedom to explore the place where God has set you.

Just recently, we took our son to Exuma, Bahamas. What an incredible place to witness the full glory of God's Creation! We rented a little 18 foot Boston whaler, which gave us the ability to explore multiple little cays and an incredible, huge sandbar. A few times, while running around in these beautiful waters, our little boat would hit the bottom of the shallows. We'd trim the motor and somehow work our way back out of these precarious positions and into deeper waters behind us.

One afternoon when the tide was almost out, my husband and I took the boat to explore a little spot on the island. We anchored in knee deep water, but I wanted to get a little closer. Clark hopped out of the boat to pull us closer to shore, when all of a sudden we came to a dead stop. We were beached. We strenuously and furiously pushed and shoved, trying to nudge the boat into the deeper, safer waters, but we were stuck and not budging. And frustrated. And grumbling. And blaming. All in a matter of minutes. Finally (it felt much longer than it actually was!) someone in a dingy came to our rescue, and with his help we made our way to the safety of the depths. Even in the midst of the frustration of this scenario (as beautiful as it was, it was a little scary to think we might have to wait hours for the tide to make its way back in).

There are days that leave me feeling stuck in the shallows. Whether I'm stuck on a painting that needs finishing, stuck in a rut where I pray for the same thing over and over without seeing results. Sometimes aren't we all a little stuck? Thankfully, we have a Mighty Helper who comes to our rescue anytime we call upon Him. He doesn't just happen to wander by in a dingy when we're in trouble. No, He is aware of our every move and is available when He call His name. No matter what our circumstance or how stranded we may feel, He is waiting to pull us further into deep waters and into a deeper relationship with Him.

If you're feeling stuck today, maybe you need to realize that you aren't floundering where it's deep, but instead you're beached where it's shallow. Call His name, push away, and be held.