Life Is Short

Painting angels has become my ministry, and I meet so many people who share countless stories that reflect the theme that "life is short." Recently, I have had several friends lose friends and family members at an early age. Walking down memory lane on social media, I came across a family whose daughter became very close to our family. This sweet girl passed away at just 8 years old. Whether 8, 54, or even 80, life is short. Each of us has been given the gift of life, and when we are handed that gift, we are also entrusted with the responsibility to love. We are given a choice every day of how to define our days. Scriptures tell us that we are not even promised tomorrow and that each day has enough trouble of its own (Matthew 6). We will all face challenges throughout our days and our lives, and when I was talking to a friend in the middle of a challenging season, she told me, "I don't question God about the Why. I just ask Him to give me strength through it all." I hope to always keep this perspective in front of me in the midst of trials and not question His "why," but instead focus on glorifying Him in all circumstances. I certainly do not ever want to belittle or minimize the sadness or pain that accompanies loss. I do, however, want to encourage you along the way to grab hold of the God who will equip and strengthen you. Make it a point to wake up each morning with eyes fixed on Jesus and a heart filled with gratitude, because even when your days seem long, our lives are so short in relation to the eternity that awaits us in the Kingdom! Life is short... live it. Love is rare... grab it. Anger is bad... dump it. Fear is awful... face it. Memories are sweet... cherish them. Friends are precious... embrace them. God is good... praise Him.