His Idea

Have you ever had a great idea that kept you up all night with excitement over its brilliance?

It's a trick question, I'm afraid, friends. You've never had a great idea, and neither have I, sadly. As the writer of Ecclesiastes points out, "There is nothing new under the sun," and that's because everything beautiful, genius and masterful has already been created... by the One whose hands sculpted everything we see and everything that we are. The great news is that He allows us glimpses into His perfect mind through those ideas and flashes of brilliance!

When we can wrap our heads around the fact that we don't own anything, our spirits will feel much less burdened by the pointless weight of pride. Pride isn't just thinking highly of ourselves. It's loving anything more than we love Jesus. Countless times a day I need to examine my priorities and my thoughts and place them back in a position of humility... beneath Jesus.

He bestows us with gifts of creativity, strokes of genius, and mastery of skills, but by design, they belong to Him - to reflect His glory - not to us to showcase our strengths. I'm thankful for a generous God who shares His spirit and His power with me. It's humbling in its very nature that the master of the universe has entrusted me with so many treasures.

Rather than wasting energy trying to claim things as our own or elevate ourselves, let's instead steward the beauty He has chosen to give each of us and multiply it to magnify Him first!