There's a worship song whose chorus says, "If I lose it all, You're enough. If I gain the world, You're enough. My joy is complete." I love praising the King, who despite anything we lack or anything we need, completes us so fully. He is truly enough. But what's equally incredible, is that to Him, we are also enough.

The word "enough," for women, can be such an easy trap to fall into. We can coast too long on the idea that "this is good enough," rather than seek to live God's very best for our lives. OR we can unknowingly toss ourselves into a tornado of self-doubt that nothing we do "will ever be enough." We deprive the power that God placed in us and cut short the identity that He custom made for us.

Until we come to the point where we have truly had ENOUGH of the s elf-doubt, self-loathing and self-dissatisfaction, our love for the One who created us will be anemic. Because He tells me, that I am ENOUGH. Because He was ENOUGH. One extraordinarily ordinary life was MORE than enough to atone for the mistakes made by generations. Until I can grasp that … I will always fall prey to the beast of “not enough.”

On the flip side, if I settle deep into the quicksand of belief that “this is good enough” and never seek beyond myself or grapple for more, then I am selling short the truth that the SAME POWER that conquered the grave lives in me.

The enemy loves the game of enough, because he loves to tip it violently, never allowing us a moment to regain an equilibrium. But it’s a game the Lord doesn’t need to play… " Because I MADE you, and I declare that you are enough because you are my image, my chosen ones. "

There is nothing that my children could do that would not be enough for me. They breathe and call me “Mom,” and that is beauty and perfection to me. My Father is beckoning me to breathe Him in and call to Him.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll catch up on the laundry, or workout more, or get ahead on work, or spend time painting my nails… And maybe I won’t. But it will be enough. Because I am enough for the One who made me.