Do Something

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone. - Ronald Reagan Monday marked World Homelessness Day. A day set aside to recognize those currently fighting poverty, hunger and life instability. Homelessness is a cause that is so dear to my heart. Through volunteer work at Charlotte's Harvest Center and mission trips with Samaritan's Feet, "homelessness," is no longer a nameless, faceless issue. Instead, my heart has been touched deeply and personally by the men, women and children surviving homelessness as well as the organizations committed to fighting on their behalf. Monday also marked the pre-order launch of my newest book Angels: The Collector's Edition, the net proceeds of which will be given to those organizations making a difference within the homeless community. Our team commemorated the day by packing supply kits with personal hygiene items, water, snacks, socks and a list of resources. We'll share these kits with our neighbors on the street and the ministries committed to them. I'm so motivated by Ronald Reagan's famous quote that reminds us that we can all reach someone. What someone is God placing in your path today?