Devious Distractions

A guest post from Anne Neilson Home's communications director Caroline Arey. The most dangerous separations I feel from God don’t happen through major catastrophes. Instead, those awful disasters somehow serve as catalysts causing me to recognize the Lord in some way – clinging to Him with conviction. What really serves to drive me away from the Lord is those little distractions. I have found that the mundane incidents that may make a list of grievances to fill a text to a friend seem too small and petty to bring before the Father (particularly in the face of “real” issues assailing so many others). And the deep, intimate dialogue that flows in the throes of grief, brokenheartedness, fear, or doubt just sort of piddles away to a great big silence. The daily distractions of life seem at once too large and too menial to report, so it’s easier just to wade through them and try and find another way to rejuvenate our spirits alone. I t’s right there in that juxtaposition that I think the enemy lies in wait most eagerly. H e’s masterful , clever and dangerous because of his lulling strategy. We would all be named Job if he assaulted us too catastrophically, too often. Instead, he calculates a steady stream of distractions – sluggish wifi connections, a broken garage door, a fender bender an HVAC repair… the mundane “life stuff,” that serves to clog the pipes of communication with the Lord. Because how bizarre does it feel to posture at the feet of the Divine Creator and beseechingly cry out, “Lord, I need you to miraculously heal my pipes in Your heavenly mercy.”? But just like, as parents, we yearn for our children to unpack the details of their day and allow us a glimpse into their world, our Creator wants to hear our burdens too... no matter how slight. The distractions won’t stop… they’re the water torture treatment keeping us longing for eternity… but their devastation on our faith can be minimized when we stop letting ourselves be entangled in the enemy’s snares. What is distracting you today? How can you look around the distraction and make eye contact with the Lord instead?