An Itinerary

As I write this, my three girls are on the adventure of a lifetime, working their way through Europe. As we watched the summer wind down, Clark and I decided to send the girls on this trip… a chance to explore their independence, bond more deeply as sisters, and experience new places and culture.
It hasn’t always been the case, but despite my complaining for those around me to make a plan, I’m a last minute person. The logistics of the girls’ trip came together last minute, and we spent days scrambling to assemble packing list and secure accommodations. It left me frazzled, doubting and tired. We gave the girls a budget to work within and let them establish their plans within that. My oldest, Blakely, carefully organized their itinerary, but I had no idea where my three would end up. I’ve hated taking my hands off the wheel and letting them choose their own adventures.
But, though I may hate to admit it, my girls are adults, and it’s time for me to watch them soar on the wings that Clark and I prayed they would grow. We’re in a season of fully trusting that the foundation we built for them will thrive. From their actual time in Europe to their years in college and those still to come, my reliance needs to be on our Father.
In fact, the story of my faith happens to parallel pretty closely with my girls’ trip. There are times in my life where it feels like the path is weaving and turning and forcing me to make last minute adjustments, but I have the ultimate tour guide who has set the itinerary for my life long before I even realized it. The greatest thing about it is that He is planning the greatest adventure I could imagine on my behalf. Nothing I could write would compare to what He has already written for me.
Our lives will take us to many different locations – some marked by strife, others by victory. Knowing that we have a tour guide who promises to work ALL things for the good will keep our eyes fixed and our feet firmly planted on the road ahead.