Among the Dust and Dirt

The new year is starting out at a breakneck pace for our team. We just wrapped a major construction project and move from our Southend art gallery and Home showroom to a huge, gorgeous space in the Southpark area of Charlotte (the Shops at Morrison, for local readers... come see us!).

As exciting as being settled in a new space is, the process of moving and construction is not nearly as fun or glamorous. Sorting through possessions, choosing what to keep, what to throw away, packing, unpacking, organizing, and then remembering where everything is... whew. Add in, dust, dirt, erecting walls, refinishing floors, and navigating around the dust and dirt... It's overwhelming!

Entering into a new relationship with Christ is a lot like the construction process and the act of moving. The end result is beautiful, refreshing and incredible, but the process can be a little messy. As we come to know Jesus more intimately, we are required to sort through all of our junk and make decisions about what to keep and what to toss. Each move is the opportunity to move forward to your next destination a little bit lighter, and a little bit less cluttered. A move toward God gives us the same opportunity... a chance to shed the burdens we've been carrying way too long, and a chance to let Him cleanse our messes. Moving toward Him means being dusted off, cleansed, and pulled out of the direct that announces that we are a work in progress.

There are great reminders from each past season to take with us mementos. Tokens to remind us of what we've cherished, what we've overcome and what He's seen us through.

This week, as we open the doors of our new space, I have so much joy in my heart as I unpack those reminders of where He and I have walked together, and look around me at the new walls ready to see the journey He is leading me on next.

I would love to hear from you! What is among your boxes? What signs of life are pulled out of the dust and dirt?