On The Road

Matthew 7:14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Roads are such a hallmark setting of miraculous scenes and amazing examples in the Bible… from Mary’s long, laborious ride down the roads into Bethlehem, Jesus’ bittersweet journey along Via Dolorosa to the cross, His walk down the road to Emmaus following His resurrection, and Saul’s incredible conversion along the road to Damascus. In Jesus’ day, roads were the breeding ground for miracles. Unfortunately, in my world, roads are more likely to be breeding grounds for headaches, angst and fear. Just this week, my youngest child, Ford, turned 15 and received his learner’s permit giving him a peek at the freedom to come in 12 months. As much as I love this fine city of Charlotte, I couldn’t help but notice this week as I became more and more aware of the drivers around us, that it is home to some of the rudest drivers… marked with impatience, refusal to let anyone in, aggressive… enough to set any mother on edge with a new driver behind the wheel. I kept assuring Ford that I wasn’t as scared of his abilities as I was fearful of the people around him and their potentially destructive decisions. In the earliest years of our civilization, even the most mundane encounters may lead to the greatest miracles. In today we take for granted the power of our interactions. Our roads are a means of transportation, not a setting to display grace, hospitality, kindness, patience, peace. You may not spit in dirt and rub mud on someone’s eyes and restore their sight on a random Friday. But the streets and avenues you journey daily – both figuratively and literally – may still be a setting for God’s mighty power to be highlighted. I encourage you not to be distracted or caught up in the “traffic” of the world and of life, but instead travel on a freeway leading to a greater place… let others merge in with you.