Walking Out Your Faith So That Others Will ‘See’

Wow! Last Friday I was overwhelmed with emotion when a client showed up at our Anne Neilson Home store door right as we were closing. Here’s the back story, so you can share in my amazement.
On Saturday, April 9, a client ordered an Angel print as a gift for a friend. My team packed it up and shipped it on its way. A few days later, we received an email from this client letting us know that she had given us the wrong address. She also called and left several messages for our team with the right address.

Wendy, my sales director, got the message and ensured that another print was shipped to the correct address but did not personally return the call because she was traveling to book signings in Texas.

Last Monday morning, I received an email from the client. It wasn’t ugly or nasty, but her frustration was evident. She wanted to know about the print and its status, not knowing that it had already been shipped. Wendy hopped on the phone with her and assured her that we had taken care of all of the details and not to worry about a thing. And that was that. Or so we thought.

Friday afternoon, as we were closing the store for the week, this client showed up, literally on our doorstep. But she hadn’t come from just around the corner. No, she had driven more than 4 hours (!!) from Atlanta to hand deliver a homemade apple pie, asking our forgiveness for her email (which, I can assure you, was not out of line or overly demanding at all).

She explained to us that she regretted writing and sending that email, which she had perceived as impatient, and she wanted to ask for our forgiveness in person. She told us that while she could have done that with a letter, call or email, simply saying “sorry,” she wanted to do something that truly showed her repentance. She wanted to make it right and wanted to take action to showcase that she is living out an active faith in Jesus.

Jesus would have walked those miles to set the example, but, wow, I don’t think that I would have. I was blown away. I was encouraged. I was challenged by this woman’s faith, so that the next time I do something that I feel isn’t right, that my actions need to match the posture of my heart. I want Jesus to be shining so brightly through me that others can’t help but notice His brilliance.

That day was precious. This client encouraged me and Wendy more than she will ever know. Every time I see an apple pie, make an apple pie, or eat an apple pie, I will always think of Mary Lou, and her faithfulness, her obedience, and the light in her eyes as she prayed for our business and ministry. She was an angel dressed in green delivering a homemade apple pie and encouraging Wendy and myself as we continue the journey that we are on… what a (delicious) blessing that day!