Meet the Team: Kristin

I am so grateful to have a team of strong and talented women helping me move my business forward, and I thought it was high time to introduce them. First up, the gifted Kristin Everidge! Title: Graphic Designer and Visual Brand Consultant Part of the Anne Neilson Home Team since: March 2014 When did you first realize you loved art?  From a very young age, I knew art would be a part of my life. Both my grandmothers are very artistic. They encouraged and nurtured that gifting in me from a young age. I was always working on art projects - painting, cross stitching, stained glass art, drawing, crocheting, sculpting and collaging. Once I learned how to make art on the computer, I knew that would parlay into a career in graphic design. What is your favorite Anne Neilson home product? Our journals, because I can have one with me all the time, and they often spur on a conversation about our company. Favorite candle scent: Garden Gate. I LOVE the gardenia scent. That scent is so Southern and welcoming! Favorite scripture: Philippians 1:6 "He who began a good work in you will see it through to completion." What gives you the most joy? Spending time outside with my husband Brannon and my daughter Emme. What is your go-to worship song? "First" by Lauren Daigle What is your favorite way to give back to the community? Davidson UMC's Backpack Ministry Who's your favorite person to follow on Instagram? @charlotteagenda. They keep me in the know about great food and event in Charlotte. Otherwise, I would be totally clueless. What's the best thing that happened to you this year? Finishing the renovation on my new office! Which person has impacted you the most? My grandmother Sarah. Her faith, friendship and Christian example has meant the world to me. What's your favorite guilty pleasure? Watching the Bachelor and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills What three things are always in your bag? My iPhone, lip gloss, and a snack for Emme. She always has to have a snack on the road!