Daily Bread

Have you had a chance to download our free 7-day devotional? If not, I highly encourage you to do so now! On the homepage of our Anne Neilson Home website, you'll see a button in the top lefthand corner. Simply click on that, follow the instructions, and your devotional will be delivered straight to your inbox. Below is an excerpt from just one of the 7 days. Our team would love to hear stories of how this has encouraged your faith, especially as you enter a busy and stressful season! "We continued seeking God’s heart, and we continued to press forward with construction. I was overjoyed to watch fresh, bright beams begin to shape our future home. Much to my dismay when I visited our rapidly rising home, I found not fresh, clean beams, but beams covered in knots - ugly wood that surely couldn’t build the strong house in which we were going to reside.
I brought up my concerns with our builder. His answer penetrated my heart so deeply. He simply told me, “Anne, the more knots there are, the stronger the wood is.” Along this process any time I sought control or began to give into my doubt, the Lord would nudge me and say, “Come back to me.” I couldn’t have heard the words He spoke to my heart more deeply in response to my builder’s explanation. “The more knots are in our lives, the stronger we are.” I was reminded of every trial, every battle, every failure and every victory that was mark on my heart creating a knot and adding strength to my spirit. I was so encouraged that the knotty beams holding our house upright were so similar to the scars that Jesus had used to mark me and hold my life upright."