A Daily Habit

Lately I’ve spent time on the blog talking about how to balance busy, how to wear multiple hats well, and how to keep our focus and priorities aligned with the Lord. It’s wonderful to talk about, but it’s harder to do. The foundation, for me, undoubtedly lies in the word of God.

I intentionally carve out time each morning to spend time absorbing the truth that God-breathed into life. Those few quiet minutes help set the rudder and direction for my day, and when I feel like I’m doggy-paddling in chaos, it gives my heart and mind something sound to reflect upon. Intimate time with Him must be what a weary traveler feels like when they stumble upon an oasis in an otherwise arid landscape: refreshment, renewal and cleansing.

I’ve established other habits that help reinforce that my heart is set on the Lord. Throughout the day, particularly when I’m painting, I keep praise and worship music playing… the beautiful words streaming into my ears and heart. I also journal as often as I can. Actively writing and practicing the elements of Scripture help reinforce their depth in my own life, and the ability to flip through old journals and revisit the trials He’s led me through is pure encouragement.

If you’re just beginning to establish daily habits centered on Christ, I encourage you to start by digging into the Word for a few minutes a day. Choose one verse and write it on your heart. Memorize it. Repeat it. Write it down. Claim it as your own mantra. I promise that this simple step will have impact on the course of your day.
I know it can be hard to find even three minutes in your day to focus, so my team wanted to make it easy. We are excited to be releasing a set of A-Z scripture cards, thoughtfully pairing one of my Angel series images with a verse focusing on each letter of the alphabet. I hope that choosing one of these beautiful cards each morning will help encourage, uplift and fortify you as you build daily habits.