Monthly Archives: February 2016

Open Doors, Closed Doors

I’m sitting in my studio inside the Dilworth Artisan Station, which has been my home for eight years, and the home of my Anne Neilson Fine Art Gallery for almost two years. This place has truly been home… the setting for hours of worship music played, the birthplace of hundreds of angels, and subsequently the […]

A Transformation

Fourteen years ago I walked into the Harvest Center on a sunny fall Tuesday ready to serve meals to over 200 homeless Charlotte citizens. I left there that day transformed. I was a mom of four, a wife to Clark, possessed a deep passion to paint, and was seeking to systematically serve others. I got in […]


A few weeks ago, on a Thursday night, the city was calling for an icy blizzard that would force everything to shut down. Schools were already closed the next day, and airports and flights were being cancelled by the minute. In the face of a bleak forecast, my son and husband were venturing off for […]

In The Loss

My heart has been heavy these past few days with the passing of two dear friends, one on each coast. A loss in the East… 22 years ago I was introduced to a man who had an amazing talent for beauty in the plant world.  If your home was tired and in need of a […]